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Highly effective training and nutrition program, adapted to your personal fitness level

Varied food options

8 different nutrition options – suitable for vegetarians and vegans too

Created by experts

In cooperation with sports scientists, athletes and nutritionists

Bodyweight Workouts

20-30 min workouts without equipment – for gaining muscle and burning fat

Tutorial Videos

Detailed video tutorials for all of your exercises


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Quick results with our 12-week transformation

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Reach your fitness goals for long-term success

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We support you almost a whole year long and get you into top shape

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Get Strong & lean

Over 200 professional video tutorials from your coaches

Suitable for beginners and advanced athletes - all training plans get adapted to your individual fitness level

Free choice between 8 different nutrition options every day

Write your own success story like over 1000 people before you*

*The outcome varies from person to person. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the results shown on this website for everyone.

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Week 12


marketing manager for entertainment & sports

"The program will push you at the right intensity measured against your level of fitness. Results guaranteed."

Week 1
Week 12



Lisa got fitter and more flexible. She lost 20 pounds and 5.5 inches around her waist.

Week 1
Week 12


office job

"During the 12 weeks I lost 2 pounds each week. Now I am so fit and strong like never before"


Week 1
Week 12



Wow!…Daria changed into a new person. -26.5 pounds and -5.5 inches around waist

Week 1
Week 12



"During the 12 weeks I increased my benchpress personal best repeatedly."


Week 1
Week 12


chemical lab technician

"After I finished, friends of mine did the program with equal success."


Frequently asked questions

Yes, the workout plans will be adapted to your individual fitness level. Taking into account your starting fitness level, you will be introduced to the more challenging exercises step by step. For difficult exercises there is always an easier alternative exercise. Therefore the We Are Athletes program fits everyone who is physically healthy.

Yes. You will have access to nutrition plans for vegetarians (pesco and ovo-lacto), vegans, omnivores (with and without fish or protein powder) and the paleo diet.

No. Our successful nutrition concept is based on the combination of ordinary and healthy food suitable for every budget.

One training session takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Depending on how often you want to work out, you will train 3 to 5 times a week.

Generally you can do the bodyweight program without any equipment. For best results we recommend using a pull-up bar. If you want to train outdoors you can use pull-up bars or any bars in parks, on playgrounds or sports fields. You can find a selection of different pull-up bars for home-use here.