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Get stronger, gain muscle mass and become leaner. The We Are Athletes program provides you with functional strength & conditioning training, individualized nutrition plans, detailed video tutorials and 24h support from our coaches.


Reach your next level

No matter whether you want to get stronger, gain muscle mass or just become leaner.

Individual Nutrition

Suitable for omnivores, vegetarians, vegans and paleo diet. -
Proven by German sports nutritionists.

Made in Berlin

All programs are designed by our team of crossfit and strength coaches & nutrition experts.

Growing Stronger Together

We`re proud of more than 1000 athletes that reached the best shapes of their lives with our program.


We Are Athletes



Full fitness package
Varied nutrition plans and effective strength & conditioning training, adapted to your individual fitness level and your goals.


Reach your goals
From loosing weight, gaining muscle mass or getting stronger.


For all fitness levels
The program is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced athletes.


Video tutorials
Over 150 detailed video tutorials for each of your exercises - including scales for beginners.


Your personal nutrition plan
Your coach creates all plans based on your goals and personal body type.


8 food options
Full access to 8 different nutrition options like omnivore with & without protein powder or fish, vegetarian, vegan and paleo plans.


Our coaches will motivate you and give you 24/7 email support.


Use your program everywhere
On your smartphone, laptop, tablet and pdf for printing.


Train wherever you want
Train in your gym or outdoors/ at home - with weights or bodyweight exercises.

Success Stories*


*The outcome varies from person to person. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the results shown on this website for everyone.


Week 1
Week 12


marketing manager for entertainment & sports

"The program will push you at the right intensity measured against your level of fitness. Results guaranteed."

Week 1
Week 12



Lisa got fitter and more flexible. She lost 20 pounds and 5.5 inches around her waist.

Week 1
Week 12


office job

"During the 12 weeks I lost 2 pounds each week. Now I am so fit and strong like never before"


Week 1
Week 12



Wow!…Daria changed into a new person. -26.5 pounds and -5.5 inches around waist

Week 1
Week 12



"During the 12 weeks I increased my benchpress personal best repeatedly."


Week 1
Week 12


chemical lab technician

"After I finished, friends of mine did the program with equal success."


Start your own success story



Train at home or outdoors -

bodyweight exercises only

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Train in your gym / box -

with barbells and bodyweight exercises 

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