See and feel quick results from the combination of our customized training and nutrition plans.

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Whether male or female, beginner or advanced,  vegetarian or paleo: this program will be customized to meet your lifestyle. We make sure you get what you need.


get fit like coach Nico

A few hundred men have already successfully followed our coaches` training guide.

Follow Toni's Fitness Path

We Are Athletes is highly popular among female athletes and those who want to get fitter. Follow Toni's example and get the body shape you have always wanted.

Your 12-Week Body Transformation

Get the best body shape of your life within 12 weeks.

Your 12-week fitness program
Your best shape within 12 weeks: the best personal trainers, sport scientists and competitive athletes will coach and join you.

Your individual training plan
Whether man or woman, beginner or advanced: you will get training plans which are scientifically sound and proven in our Berlin gym.

Your personalized nutrition plan
One size fits all - that's not what we think: we will create your personal nutrition plan based on your questionnaire results and the analysis of your photo.

Reach your personal fitness goal
"Stop wishing, start doing." Get strong and muscular or lean and fit. Follow the path of over 1.000 athletes and become a member of the We are Athletes community.

Access to over 100 video tutorials
Train like a pro: follow our detailed step-by-step video tutorials. We teach you the correct movements of all your training exercises. 

Suitable for all diets
Choose between 8 different nutrition plans from "I eat everything" to vegetarian to paleo or vegan. Don't worry, we will get you covered.

Online coaching
Any questions? Our coaches will help you out and answer your questions quickly.

Grow with our community
"Growing stronger together": get in touch with the other athletes from around the globe - share the spirit in our facebook community.

We support you
"The body achieves what the mind believes." From the minute you sign up, we are here for your support, your mental and physical growth.

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