FAQ - We Are Athletes


Program & Training

We Are Athletes is an online training and nutrition program designed to get you to your best shape.
The program is based on sports scientific know-how and the long-time experience of our coaches as athletes and personal trainers.
Many before & after pictures and success stories show the effectiveness of the program.

You get:

  • Effective training, adapted to your individual fitness level and your goals
  • No matter whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle and strength, or just want to get fitter and healthier
  • Choose between gym or bodyweight program. Train in your gym or at home/ outdoors
  • Beginners will be introduced to exercises step-by-step from easy to challenging. For difficult exercises there are easier alternatives
  • Over 150 detailed video tutorials for each of your exercises
  • Varied nutrition plans with precise indications of quantity for higher success
  • Nutrition plans will be adjusted to your personal body type, calorie requirement and activity level
  • 8 different nutrition options like omnivore with & without protein powder or fish, vegetarian and vegan plans
  • Use your program everywhere: smartphone, laptop, tablet and pdf for printing
  • Your coaches will motivate and personally help you with your questions in our support service
  • You can pause and continue the program anytime

No. The workout plans will be adapted to your individual fitness level. Therefore the program fits everyone who is physically healthy.

For the gym program you need an access/ membership to a conventional fitness gym or cf box.

Generally you can do the bodyweight program without any equipment. For best results we recommend using a pull-up bar. If you want to train outdoors you can use pull-up bars or any bars in parks, on playgrounds or sports fields. You can find a selection of different pull-up bars for home-use here.

Don`t worry! Depending on your abilities, exercises will be introduced to you step-by-step, starting with easy ones and progressing to more challenging exercises. Plus, for difficult exercises there are easier alternatives.

One training session in the gym program takes about 45 to 60 minutes and 20 to 30 minutes in the bodyweight program. Depending on how often you can/ want to work out, you will train 3 to 5 times a week.

Program Start & Duration

After the successful purchase, our coaches will create your plans within 72 hours. Straight after that you will get online access to the program and you can start anytime you want.

Yes, the program can be paused and continued anytime.  However, you will achieve optimum results if you complete the program without long interruptions.

After finishing the program you have another 6 months online access to all of your plans, videos and manuals.


Yes. You will have access to nutrition plans for vegetarians (pesco and ovo-lacto), vegans, omnivores (with and without fish or protein powder) and the paleo diet.

No. Basically organic food is recommended, but not necessary for completing the program successfully.

No. Our successful nutrition concept is based on the combination of ordinary and healthy food suitable for every budget.

Basically 3 main meals and 2 to 3 snacks daily are scheduled. But you can combine all to 2 to 3 meals.


The program is not suitable for pregnant women because the training could cause too much stress for mother and child. After the pregnancy you should consult a doctor before you start working out again.


We currently offer the following methods for paying online: PayPal, credit card, debit and payment in advance.

Yes. After the successful purchase you can start it whenever you want.