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Julien is a co-founder of We Are Athletes. After many years of playing football as a competitive sport, he took up strength training and was among the finalists in the German Championships of Natural Bodybuilding several times (3rd place 2013). Having studied sports science, Julien is a specialist in the field of body transformation.

Best athletic performances:
Squat: 11x180kg
Deadlift: 6x200kg
Bench Press: 8x110kg
Pull ups, weighted: 60kg
Free Handstand: 1:27 min.
100m run: 11,6 sec.
3000m run: 10:14 min



Katha is a competing gymnast and has been a gymnastics youth coach for more than 10 years. Being a trained PE teacher, she also possesses the methodical know-how to lead every athlete or sports rookie to their goal step by step.

Best athletic performances:
Pull ups, strict: 12
Pistol Squats: 16
Free Handstand: 46 sec



Strong, flexible, acrobatic: Kris is our all-round athlete. For several years, Kris has worked as a personal trainer and group coach in Berlin. His experiences in gymnastics, even with beginners, had significant influence on our bodyweight program.

Best athletic performances:
One arm chin up: 2
Dips, weighted: 3x90kg
Pull ups, weighted: 77,5kg
Squat: 195kg
Deadlift: 225kg
Pull ups, weighted: 77,5kg



Toni prefers short but intense workouts, no matter whether she uses weights or trains with her own bodyweight. In our video tutorials, Toni shows you, together with Julien, how to do the respective exercises correctly.



Fritz is our CrossFit coach and athlete, who impresses not only with his strength and power but also with his endurance abilities. As former competitive sportsman in handball, Fritz can draw on his broad repertoire of athletic skills and experience.

Best athletic performances:
Squat: 220kg



Christian is a co-founder of We Are Athletes. He oversees the marketing of WAA and the internet presentation of our online programs. Christian has participated in the program as an athlete himself, and is therefore a convincing example of how much the program can change you.

Best athletic performances:
Ring muscle ups, strict : 11
Pull ups, strict: 30
Press: 72.5kg
Clean & Jerk: 100kg
Bench Press: 125kg
Squat: 140kg
Deadlift: 180kg

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